Basaksehir and PSG players storm off field in response to racism

Tue 08 December 2020 | 21:41

Paris Saint-Germain and Basaksehir players left the pitch in the middle of the match.

The last week of the

Champions League

competition is being followed by strange events, and now the controversy has reached its peak in the French capital and at the home of

Paris Saint-Germain


It was in the 20th minute of the match that

Pierre Webo



Cameroonian coach was sent off and it seems that he was racially abused in the meantime, which angered the Turkish team.

There was an argument on the pitch and assistant referee of the game informs the referee that he should send off Basaksehir assistant coach due to his involvement, and apparently, when he was referring, he used the phrase,

“This black guy”.

Eventually, the match between

Paris Saint-Germain



was halted and Basaksehir players who were not willing to play left the field.

Interestingly, this insult has also angered the Paris Saint-Germain players, who have also left the pitch in support of the opposing team, a reaction that has been highly praised on Twitter, According to some sources,


told Paris Saint-Germain and Basaksehir that the assistant referee will be transferred to the VAR room and the game will have to be resumed.

source: SportMob