"Atalanta can't just defend" - Gasperini

Tue 08 December 2020 | 19:41

Gian Piero Gasperini guarantees that Atalanta are unable of playing for just the draw against Ajax. Atalanta have to avoid loss if they want to reach the Round of 16.

“It’s difficult when going into this type of game. It certainly won’t be 0-0, because that doesn’t fit with the mentality of either team

,” said



We are better at taking the initiative and attacking rather than defending a result, and the same goes for Ajax. We must therefore try to make the most of this small advantage, which is that we can count on two out of three results.


If we sit back and try to just soak up their initiative, then it’s unlikely we’ll get through to the next round. We cannot just defend, we have to push forward and score goals.


have recovered, as Sunday’s Serie A clash with Udinese was suspended due to a waterlogged pitch.

Playing in those conditions would’ve been very risky. Meanwhile, I’ve been able to get some players back, so that’s good.


We just have to focus on playing our game. Let’s be honest, we’d have been happy going into the final group game with this scenario, as we’re guaranteed the Europa League either way and need one point for the Round of 16.


changed a 2-0 defeat to a 2-2 draw with Ajax in Bergamo earlier in the group.

That match gave us a certain satisfaction and it followed the identities of the two teams, so I don’t expect many differences."

We have a clear objective in our minds, I am convinced we have what it takes to achieve it and I don’t think the lads need me to work on their mentality.

source: SportMob