Phillips thinks that Grealish will break transfer record

Tue 08 December 2020 | 15:29

Aston Villa’s former star has talked about Grealish’s possible transfer.


has been in great form recently and has shown so much quality that many pundits see him as England’s next superstar.

Aston Villas’s

former striker

Kevin Phillip

s thinks so too as he expects the player to break Premier League’s transfer record at some point.

Kevin Phillips thinks that Manchester Giants should try to invest in Grealish instead of

Jadon Sancho

as the young star keeps improving in every aspect of his game.

Former Villans striker Phillips told Football Insider:

“It is crazy - £100 million, but he is a player that is just getting better and better. At times he is theatrical but technically he is an outstanding player. He is one of the best players in the Premier League.

“Would someone be willing to pay £100m? I think they would. I do not think it will happen in January but at some point soon I think someone will.

“He is still young and he could play at the top for five, six, seven years.

"Only the wealthiest clubs could afford to sign him, the likes of United or City. Sancho is worth over £100m and, for me, I would rather have Grealish.

“I cannot see him leaving in January, he is committed to the club this season but I think he will reassess next summer.”

source: SportMob