Ljungberg on Arsenal defeat to Tottenham

Tue 08 December 2020 | 13:19

The ex-Gunners admitted that he felt hurt when his former team lost to the Spurs.

According to

Freddie Ljungberg



defeat to


was a tactical lesson given by

Jose Mourinho

to his former home which to him was a hurtful experience. The Spurs, who won by scoring two goals, delivered the Gunners their sixth defeat in the

Premier League

competition placing them in the 15th position of the table.

Ljungberg impressed by Mourinho’s tactics said:

“I haven’t recovered yet. It was tough but Mourinho gave us a lesson in how to play a tactical game.”

“It was interesting but it still hurts. I thought Spurs, I didn’t think they would be that far ahead or top of the league to be honest.”

“But you look at Mourinho, he’s got them inspired, his players are all doing what he wants them to do which I think is the hardest thing when you play the kind of football he does.”

“Hats off to him, they’re doing really, really well.”

Both teams will compete in the

Europa League

competition as they head to face their opponents on Thursday.

source: SportMob