Low won’t mind having Muller, Boateng, and Hummels back

Tue 08 December 2020 | 12:20

Though the three players haven’t had the chance to play for Germany since 2018 the team’s coach seems to have no issue with recalling them back to the squad.


manager, Joachim Low, is planning on doing whatever it takes to perform well in Euro 2020 and for that he may be open to recalling

Thomas Muller


Jerome Boateng

, and

Mats Hummels

, who haven’t had the chance to play for the World Cup winners since 2018.


, who was hesitant to bringing back the trio, has retreated from his previous statements following their 6-0 thrashing by



"After 2018 we saw that it was a very unsuccessful year, we said we were making a change. It is important to give young players time and the opportunity to develop during a transition.”

"Like the 2010 tournament, something where the team developed. And because of the experience they have gained there, we are world champions in 2014. That was our requirement this time too.”

"A trainer is always the first to be held responsible for success. I've always said when I see before the nomination [of the squad] that this team needs this or that - then we will do that. At the moment I don't see any reason, even if we lost a game.”

"But next year we'll have to make a decision and I'll be the first to do that. It's not just sporting reasons that decide what does the best team look like, what is the energy of the team.”

"But when I have the feeling, then I will do everything I can to achieve success. I have no idea what the situation will be like in March. I hope all players get through the winter well and stay healthy.”

"We had a lot of injury problems. I hope that doesn't happen again. Let's think again about everything and turn every stone over. We then decide what is best for success.”

When asked on whether he had contacted any of the three players or not he responded:

"No, I have not."

Later adding on the absence of the audience from


matches he said:

"We'd love to walk to every stadium if we could do that. It was the clear instruction to us, also from the doctors in the national team, not to go to the stadiums. On the one hand, we have international matches and we have to be in the bubble.”

"We don't want to endanger anyone and we don't want to be endangered either. It would be bad if we coaches were absent. It was clear that we were in the bubble with the national team.”

"That was also true until the end of the season, because from above - politicians also said to avoid contacts. It is a dangerous situation that, unfortunately, is not ebbing right now. We said we had a certain role model function.”

"Believe me, I know the Bundesliga like the back of my hand. We have a great team, trainers and scouts. We watch all games. We know the strengths and weaknesses of all of our players.”

"We look at the games, enter the data in our database and evaluate them. Then we also target the training in a targeted manner. But we will be role models until the end of the year and will not go to the stadiums."

source: SportMob