Holding hopes Arsenal gets fortunate in the Premier League

Tue 08 December 2020 | 11:22

The Gunners player believes that in order for their team to continue better in their upcoming matches they will need some good luck.



Rob Holding

, admitted that his team’s misfortunes are due to their bad luck and for them to regain their position on the Premier League table they will need lady luck on their side. The Gunners, who had the worst start of the season in 39 years, will need to get into scoring goals to improve says Holding.

Following their 2-0 loss to


Holding said:

“We're going through a bit of a phase where luck isn't really on our side.”

“We maybe just need one to deflect off someone and trickle into the net to give the forwards the confidence again to score some goals. It's frustrating watching from the back when we're pushing up and trying to get as many chances as we can and we just need a bit of luck.”

 “We had so many chances second half and we just couldn't put the ball in the net. It's been a problem for a few games now.”

The player, who believes they still have the chance to get back on their feet, added:  

“We stayed together and kept pushing right to the final whistle. We got men in the box and we just need to stick together and not let anyone pull us apart.”

“We need to keep going and, hopefully, things will change for us.”

source: SportMob