Deschamps: it's up to Pogba to make his choice

Tue 08 December 2020 | 9:19

Didier Deschamps has stated that he has no interest in the agents' comments as Mini Raiola said that Pogba wants to leave Manchester United.

Paul Pogba

’s agent

Mini Raiola

has stated that

Manchester United

should let Pogba leave the club as he does not want to extend his contract after 2022.

Pogba has been linked with moves to Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, and Juventus.

"Paul is unhappy... He has to change teams; he has a change of air," Raiola said. "He has a contract that will expire in a year and a half, but I think the best solution for the parties is to sell him in the next market.”




Didier Deschamps

has said that he is not interested in Raiola’s statement and believes agents just “say what they want.”

"If I start reacting to the reactions of the agent, the uncle, the dog, the grandfather or the grandmother… they say what they want," he said. "For me, the important thing is the player. They have career decisions to make.

"It's early December and Paul is in Manchester, even though we don't know what might happen.

"Some will be able to change clubs. I can give an opinion if they ask me, but certainly not advice. It's their career and it's up to them to make their choices."

Deschamps is pleased with Olivier Giroud’s performance at Chelsea.

"We often talk about Olivier. He is often decried. I say it over and over again, many things are unfair to him," the coach said.

"He has this strength of character. He has done everything to maintain himself athletically. When he is called upon, he scores. When he doesn't score, he is always useful.

"I always thought it was better to have him with you than against you. I'm glad he's going through a happier time, hoping it can last.”

Deschamps was speaking after his team drew against Ukraine, Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kazakhstan for 2020 World Cup qualifying games.

"We can have different interpretations of a draw," he said. "We know Ukraine and Finland very well, having met them recently. But we have never played Kazakhstan, for example. The trips will be very long. 

"We will have to wait until Tuesday evening to have the schedule. This may bring additional difficulties. I'm not going to jump to the ceiling. You always have to have enough humility and respect for these teams.

"France are favorites, but we will have to do what is necessary on the ground. We're seeded, so obviously we're supposed to be the best team. We will have to see if this is an advantage or a disadvantage."

source: SportMob