Lampard: ‘No worries about Havertz and Werner’s form’

Tue 08 December 2020 | 9:08

The Chelsea boss admitted that Kai Havertz has been dealing with COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020, which has affected his adaptation.

The Blues coach

Frank Lampard

provided an update on

Kai Havertz


Timo Werner

’s form and their qualifications.

Havertz and Werner have shown little to justify their hefty price tags. The Germany international scored eight goals since joining and missed many opportunities, with the Leeds United clash on the weekend the most recent.

Lampard is pleased with the 24-year-old’s adjustment and believes he will prove worthy.

I’ve got no worries about Timo

,” Lampard said ahead of the 

Champions League

on Tuesday. ”

I think he’s come into this league, he’s made a big impact straight away. His speed, his direct nature, things he’s creating for the team, the fact he’s getting lots of chances, he makes lots of chances through his explosive nature and his eye to be in the right areas. And that I love. 

“I’ve got no worries about him. Timo’s going to be a huge player for this club.”


’s manager is delighted with Havertz’s transition despite his struggles with COVID-19.

He had really strong symptoms of Covid, he was very ill and struggling for quite a while,” Lampard said. "Some of the players have had it like that, some have been symptom-free so we had to factor that in and that’s why it took two or so weeks before he was starting again once he returned from Covid.

“Going into when he fell ill, his form was fantastic and he was playing some really good stuff. 

“He was playing in the No. 8 role, the advanced midfield role, and I was delighted for him because you could see he was enjoying it and then obviously Covid cut that short.

“Long-term, I’ve got absolutely no worries about Kai – in fact it’s the opposite. I know he’s going to be a huge player for this football club, in the Premier League. 

“He has all the attributes, all the personality, all the attitude and he’s going to be an absolutely top-class player for me, in the Premier League and in the world.”

source: SportMob