Werner is Chelsea's best signing, says former coach

Mon 07 December 2020 | 20:06

Chelsea spent a lot of money during the summer transfer window and it paid off but which one is going to be the best?


had a very busy summer. They brought many players during the summer transfer window and paid a lot of money.

Timo Werner

from Leipzig, Havertz from Leverkusen, and Hakim Ziyech are three of their signings. They also brought some defenders and Mendy as a goalkeeper and fixed most of their last season’s problems.

It is hard to decide which of the new signings are the best but former Blues coach,


believes that at the end Werner will be the most precious signing of Chelsea.

The former Blues player and coach told the Evening Standard:

“It is a tough one. Edouard Mendy could be very important, but by the end of the season I think we will look back and think Timo Werner will be the one.

“He can play down the middle, he can play left and he could have had three or four goals against Leeds on Saturday [in a 3-1 win for Chelsea].

“Hakim Ziyech is a very good player. There will be games where he will be outstanding and I think spells maybe where we will not see him.

“Kai Havertz has got to show more. There is more to come from him, do not get me wrong, he is a very good player.

“But I would go for Werner, I think we will look back and think he was a very good buy.”



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