Coutinho says he is mentally stronger than before

Mon 07 December 2020 | 19:10

Coutinho has talked about his physical and mental form.

Philippe Coutinho

says although his form has not been as good as expected, his mentality has grown stronger.

He has not been playing in many games and has not been showing so much quality since his return.

"I know my form hasn't been what everyone expected,"

Coutinho said

. "Barca have the attention of everyone and what I can say is that I've worked a lot more mentally to be well, and nowadays, I consider myself stronger in that sense.

"We're in a renewal process. We've changed coach, the players... all this forms part of the renewal process. You have to be patient and do everything to make it that things work as soon as possible.

"Whenever you lose an important game, the atmosphere is one of frustration. But I see everyone wanting to change this moment we're going through. Mentally, I'm stronger than before and the team looks eager to change this.

"I started to work in a different way. It was necessary to have more strength. And mentally, it's the same. There are things that are making me stronger and, physically and mentally, I'm doing a better job."

source: SportMob