"I consider him the best footballer in history” – Laporta on Messi

Mon 07 December 2020 | 16:54

The Barcelona presidential candidate is hoping that the Argentine star will remain with the LaLiga club.

Joan Laporta called

Lionel Messi

the best player in the world of football as he defended


coach, Ronald Koeman, who received major criticism for his recent failures with the team.

The presidential candidate believes Messi, who was previously linked to

Manchester City

and currently to




, deserves every penny and he should stay with Barca.

"I consider him the best footballer in history. Leo is so much more than just that. In my opinion all players, when they win many titles and generate so much for the club, deserve to be valued accordingly.”

"At least that's how I'll try to make it happen. Leo is, I repeat, the best player in the world and possibly in the history of football. What you have to keep in mind is that he loves Barca and has shown that repeatedly.”

"He is a club man and is comfortable at Barcelona and in the city. That is another factor that leads us to think the best thing for us is for the Messi-Barcelona relationship to continue."


revealing that money is not a concern for Messi said:

"You have to be imaginative. Knowing Messi is not guided by money, and I assure you that is the case, we must make a proposal that can convince him Barca has a team capable of winning the Champions League.”

"That is essential. It is what will be more valuable to Leo when deciding his future at the end of the season. I am convinced of that.”

"Leo and I have a relationship of mutual affection. He knows that whenever I have made him a proposal, it has been fulfilled. Leo knows it and has told me personally he valued that very much. He should finish his career at Barca."

Barcelona continue to struggle across all competitions as Messi seems to be facing difficulties on the squad.

"It makes me suffer that there are some Barcelona fans who doubt Messi,"

he told

El Iniestazo . "We have to appeal to justice and think about everything Messi has given us. If we stop and look back, we will never see him again.”

"You have to wonder how Messi is to not be at the club he loves the most. Some lose confidence in him but he does not deserve that. If I am named president then Messi will renew at the end of the season."

Laporta also defended Koeman after the recent criticism he received for their latest loss.

"He deserves a margin of confidence, not only because of his wisdom at football level, but also because he is a great of Barca,"

Laporta said

. "As part of the Dream Team, Ronald gave us good memories and his famous goal gave us our first Champions League. He knows what he's doing and you have to give him time.”

"He and I can see that the team is improving, but nothing has been achieved yet. I appreciate the courage when it comes to betting on younger players, and I see that the players are once again motivated.”

"He has had to deal with many delicate aspects since arriving. He is in the process of getting the team that he wants."

source: SportMob