"Inheritance is now the last of my thoughts"-Diego Jr

Mon 07 December 2020 | 14:17

The son of Diego Armando Maradona, has admitted the inheritance of the Napoli legend is ‘the last of his thoughts.’

There has been a legal battle since Maradona died of a heart attack on November 25.

Maradona's son says that Maradona's inheritance is the last thing on his mind. Diego Juniro was born in 1986 but found out in 2007 that his father was the legendary Diego Armando Mardona.

According to

La Repubblica

, Maradona's inheritance is worth more than $ 100 million. The former Napoli and Barcelona legend had previously deprived his ex-wife and daughters of his inheritance.

Inheritance is now the last of my thoughts, I would have preferred to starve all my life instead of facing this problem,” Maradona’s son told Canale 5.

“We children were all brought together for the sake of my father. Today the situation is so tangled that I cannot afford to express a judgment, and among other things, there is an investigation in progress.”

Maradona could have had 11 children who are now waiting for a DNA test.

In Argentina there are many false versions coming out, for my life I respect a certain kind of struggles, but you have to do it in a human way,”

Maradona’s son added.

“When you go out to a cemetery with your lawyer and the press to ask for a exhumation of the body 48 hours after a person is dead, it sucks. I don’t accept that.

“I respect people who act with the right procedures, I have always said that if they are my brothers, we are here for everyone, with open arms, but you can’t make a war because my father is no longer here and he can’t defend himslef.”

source: SportMob