Mata: ‘United must end the 'dangerous trend' of falling back'

Mon 07 December 2020 | 10:44

The Red Devils have mounted the table through their last five victories in the Premier League. Juan Mata, however, believes their luck can run out any day now.

According to

Juan Mata


Manchester United

should put an end to their ‘dangerous trend’ of being behind on the

Premier League

table, notwithstanding their significant away performances.

Manchester United have pulled off an astounding performance in away matches this season winning five competitions. Their astonishing comeback points have broken the Premier League record., but their Spanish star Mata admits that they may run out of luck sooner rather than later.

The 32-year-old believes United’s performance in the battle against West Ham on Saturday was ‘not planned.’

He continued: “

It shows we have to improve in our first-half and the way we start games. It is also very positive to know that even though we are losing one or two-nil we can come back because we have the players and the quality to score goals, but it is a dangerous trend to always be behind because one day it is going to be not possible to come back, maybe.

“At half-time we were maybe a bit lucky to go in only 1-0 which is obviously not good. They scored from a set-piece which we knew they were very strong on and second half we could only improve, and I think we did improve.

“We had nothing to lose. We created chances and we scored three nice goals and we could have scored even more which is a very positive sign, but it is a dangerous game when you concede early because it is very difficult to come back


United’s comeback has put them fifth on the Premier League table ready to fight back all the way up.

It has been a strange season. Very unpredictable,

” the Spaniard added. “

Many big teams are losing points and there is not one clear leader. So, we know we need to be consistent and now we are getting three points after three points and hopefully we can keep going up because that [top four] is where we want to be at the end of the year and of course at the end of the season.”

source: SportMob