Fabregas: Sarri ‘is very superstitious’

Mon 07 December 2020 | 10:10

Cesc Fabregas revealed the reason behind Maurizio Sarri forcing them to train in the afternoon and believes that Andrea Pirlo is going to be a great coach.

Cesc Fabregas

has talked about his time at


and said that

Maurizio Sarri

forced them to train in the afternoon and they were unable to spend time with their families.

Fabregas, who has played for Chelsea and Barcelona, said that he could have joined Milan or Napoli before he joined



Fabregas talked about his relationship with Sarri:

“He wanted to play Jorginho who had joined Chelsea for €60m, playing only League Cup or Europa League games was not enough for me, I’ve always been a starter and in the end, I left Chelsea.

“Sarri is a good coach but he has strong convictions on a tactical level. He is very superstitious and it’s difficult to make him change his mind.

“For example, he always wanted us Chelsea players to train at 3 pm. It was bad for players who have a family like myself. We would not be able to see our children for the whole day. They went to school in the morning and they would sleep when we returned home after the training session.

“One day we asked him to let us train in the morning. He said we had to train at 3 pm because a professor in Pisa had proved it was the best time for the body. I only know that for any player it’s important to spend time with his family.”

He has also played many times against

Andrea Pirlo

and believes Pirlo is going to be a great coach.

“Not at all, life is made by opportunities and one has to take them. [Pep] Guardiola, [Zizou] Zidane, and [Mikel] Arteta are doing well despite not having had much experience when they begun. Pirlo was a genius onto the pitch and he was coached by top managers like [Carlo] Ancelotti, [Marcello] Lippi, and [Antonio] Conte. I have no doubts, he will become a great coach.”

source: SportMob