Crotone coach admits his player deserved the red card against Napoli

Sun 06 December 2020 | 20:55

Giovanni Stroppa completely concedes Crotone merited the red card against Napoli, however, his disappointments are for how they played before the excusal.

Red and Blues

are sitting in the depth of

Serie A

table with no win to their account and this 4-0 thrashing just added to their struggles, particularly after Jacopo Petriccione was shipped off for a dangerous challenge on Diego Demme. 

“Up until it was 11 against 11, that is the match I have to evaluate and take into consideration,” Stroppa told Sky Sport Italia.

“After the red card, obviously our heads dropped and it became a different game. Napoli are a team that pass the ball so well anyway, but up until the dismissal, we were very much in the game.

“Lorenzo Insigne came up with a moment of magic and we can only tip our hats to him. We could’ve done more with our chances, that’s where the regrets are.”

Nevertheless, Stroppa doesn't seek to defend


against the straight red card episode. 

“It seems a fair decision. The foot was evidently high and it’s understandable that it was evaluated that way.”

Considering the match list has a large portion of the strong opponents out of the way, Stroppa was inquired as to whether this means better days are to come or not.

“We knew the difficulties we’d face against the top five clubs. There were some good performances, but that’s not enough. We have some limitations, although hopefully we can work on those in time for the next games that are more on our level.”



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