Luka Modric waiting for new deal

Sun 06 December 2020 | 18:04

Real Madrid news has been full of principally negative headlines in recent times, but Luka Modric has shown himself as a bright spot.

The Croatian playmaker shine as on Saturday afternoon at the Sanchez-Pizjuan, when Madrid won Sevilla in a 1-0 game of pivotal importance. 

The 35-year-old,


defied time with his fleet-footed brilliance.

He had 92.10% of successful passes and led in anticipations and recoveries. The Ballon d’Or winner is sharp despite a tiresome schedule, playing at six games in a row and having a rate of 519 minutes out of a 540.

This consistency is why he repeated that at the end of November, he wants to continue staying in


. His contract is due to June 30th and he can technically sign a pre-contract with whomever he wants, but


want to secure his services with a new deal.



is focusing on what he can control. His diet is flawless and he’s both the first to arrive at Valdebebas and the last to leave.

source: SportMob