Mkhitaryan thinks the referee was wrong

Sun 06 December 2020 | 18:12

Mkhitaryan refused to comment on the referee but said that it was a mistake that everyone saw.



0-0 draw against


the players were mad at the referee but


refuses to say his opinion although he claims that it was an obvious mistake that everyone saw.

Mkhitaryan scored a goal that was disallowed by the referee.

Here is what Henrikh Mkitaryan told Sky Sport about the match.

“We played well even if we were down to ten men, we had several goal scoring opportunities,

“I am not going to talk about the referee, everyone saw what happened. It’s enough to just look at the images.

 “We are angry for what happened,

“I am angry because I’ve had a goal disallowed for the second time, I am angry because Pedro was sent off even if the second yellow card was fair. We are going to focus on the next games.”

And when he was asked if he sees the club as a title contender he said:

“It’s still to early to say that, there is balance up there. It’s going to be a long season, we’ll give our best to get a Champions League placement.”

Paulo Fonseca

was sent off in the first half and after the game he said that he didn’t understand the referee’s decision.

source: SportMob