Klopp believes things will change for Low and Germany

Sun 06 December 2020 | 17:59

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has backed Joachim Low.

The humiliating loss against


caused a lot of rumors about the possibility of a change in


coaching staff and dismissal of Germany boss,

Joachim Low

, but at the end, Germany Football Federation announced that they would continue working with Low, at least until the end of Euro 2020.


Jurgen Klopp

has been named as one of Low's replacement candidates, he believes the Germany is likely to succeed in Euro 2020.

"There is a huge chance that he will just turn things around,"

Klopp said

"Next year is the European Championship. Maybe he will win, maybe he will go far.

"Nobody is perfect. Most of us are good and Jogi is one of them. I have zero per cent criticism. The bigger effect can be seen later. I trust him that he has planned it exactly that way.

"People always think that the next coach will do it better immediately, but it is not always the only reason when things go well.

"But they are not the only reason when things don't go quite so well. Jogi Low has been extremely successful for many years."



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source: SportMob