Juan Mata: Footballers are becoming more aware of the social issues

Sun 06 December 2020 | 11:07

Red Devils midfielder praises Marcus Rashford’s activities for raising the footballers’ awareness about social problems.

Juna Mata

believes that the situation caused by coronavirus has made many footballers aware of their social surroundings and also encouraged them to use their status for charity purposes. The campaign ‘Common Goal’ led by Mata has encouraged players and officials to give one percent of their annual salaries to support charity projects. Speaking about this project Matta said:

“I think there is now a situation in which we football players are understanding our privileged position, our platform, and we know that we can help and do it in a very efficient way.

“We all have the same core values, and the important thing is that we go from inspiration to activity, to actually walking the walk.”

Asked about

Marcus Rashford

’s free school meal campaign, Mata responded:

“What he has done on the pitch for us and for the England team has been great, and he will keep doing that because he is a fantastic player.

“But especially over the last few months, what he has done helping so many kids with food, it’s just been great.

“He’s lived it himself, he’s suffered that situation through his family, with his mum, so he knows what he’s doing, and he knows how many people it’s helping.”






source: SportMob