‘It’s amazing what 2,000 fans can do!’ – Lampard pleased with the win

Sun 06 December 2020 | 8:54

Chelsea coach Frank Lampard was satisfied with the three points they sealed.

The Blues boss

Frank Lampard

believes their thumping 3-1 victory is thanks to the fans at Stamford Bridge and how much the squad worked on set-pieces.

For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the fans were allowed to watch the competition first hand and not behind closed doors.


were off to a wrong start when they gave the lead to the Whites through Patrick Bamford.

Olivier Giroud

, however, altered that situation before the half-hour finished.

Chelsea midfielder

Christian Pulisic

finished the game with the goal he scored in stoppage time through the help of Kurt Zouma and Mason Mount. Their set-piece presentation had the Chelsea boss proud and pleased saying the 2,000 fans played a key role in boosting their confidence up.


We have worked on [his finishing from set-pieces], but there's something about the group at the moment,

" Lampard said.


They're really knuckling down and Kurt is full of confidence. He thinks he will score. Set-pieces are huge, if you want to do anything in the Premier League you have to be good at set pieces."

He added:

 "It's amazing what 2,000 can do. They brought their voices and support against a good team. I'm delighted we got the result they all wanted tonight.

"The odd shout comes through to the players but that's what it's about. It's been challenging without the fans and we needed [them back


It was Giroud’s first

Premier League

season and he pulled off a great performance this week scoring five goals, a four-goal haul for the blues in the clash against Sevilla.

"He's a top player,"

Lampard said of the 34-year-old. "The clinical nature of his finishing - he's in that area all the time. He maybe should and could have had another goal or two himself."

"Leeds are a superb team. They are pretty unique in their style and they're well coached,

" Lampard said.


We knew it was a big task. Character-wise and performance-wise, on lots of levels, I'm absolutely delighted.

"I was nervous about Leeds. They're a threat until the end if you don't get a cushion. On another day we could score five or six and finish the game but we are still developing and being more clinical is in that


source: SportMob