Gabi differentiates between Simeone’s coaching approach and Xavi’s

Sat 05 December 2020 | 21:06

Former Atletico Madrid player Gabi talks about the difference between Diego Simeone’s coaching approach and Xavi’s.


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He believes that Diego Simeone’s approach is more practical for most of the players however Xavi’s approach gave him a better view of the game. Gabi was Atletico’s captain under Simeone. He played 417 games for the club and won a La Liga in 2013-14 and two runner-ups in the Champions League and also two Europa League.

“Sharing a dressing room with Xavi, as a player and as a coach, was something very positive,” Gabi told Marca. “I had come from a way of playing [with Cholo Simeone at Atletico] that was the opposite style to Xavi. It opened my mind.

“It’s obvious that I took more things from Cholo. He got the best out of me, I won a lot with him and I have been part of a very ambitious team. We weren’t the best technically, but we were the best in terms of our belief.

“I may want possession, but that doesn’t always lead you to win. It’s a difficult idea to carry out. But the point is that Xavi has always won with his philosophy. That’s why he doesn’t conceive football in any other way.”

source: SportMob