Pirlo: 'Style and good football is important, but also determination'

Sat 05 December 2020 | 20:39

Andrea Pirlo cautions Juventus can't fail to remember their 'DNA' after a rebound to beat Torino 2-1. 'We cannot go into a derby lacking character.'

The Old Lady

failed to create serious threats against the opposition in the first 60 minutes, conceding a goal by Nicolas Nkoulou's attempt from a corner and gambling a couple more. 

Notwithstanding, both their goals were scored late by the headers from

Juan Cuadrado

floating crosses to the back post by Weston McKennie and Leonardo Bonucci. 

“It’s more exhausting as a player, very different as a coach, but the feeling of victory is the same,” smiled Pirlo in the press conference


“When you lose every challenge, it becomes difficult to control the game. We were too static, we never filled the box when we did manage to find some width to put a cross in and it’s difficult against a five-man defence.

“We remembered after the break that the Juventus DNA is to put in heart and sacrifice. Once you can pin Toro back into their own half, it becomes easier to get the breakthrough.

“Not everyone can always give 100 per cent, but those who came on provided determination, dynamism and attacking spirit, which is what won us the game.

“When opposition teams clam up and are very organised, you have to keep moving the ball to create the spaces and stretch them out. We didn’t do that in the first half, we did after the break.

“If we lack heart, we don’t move it as quickly either, and it all comes together. Sometimes, it’s not simple to find a breakthrough just by creating clean passing moves, you have to fight.”

Pirlo was inquired as to whether on occasion


lost the enthusiasm and hunger for winning, rather than achieving deadlocks. 

“It’s true, our DNA must remain at the centre of the whole team. At times, games do get messy, we concede after a few minutes and our opponents defend well.

“When you can’t style your way through, you have to find other ways. We do have to move the ball more quickly, as otherwise we give the opposition more time to get back into position, so it’s all the same thing really.

“A side like Juventus absolutely cannot go into a game lacking character, tenacity and hunger. You need the style and good football, but also the determination. You can’t just have one without the other.”

While Cuadrado provided two assists with a charming display, his teammate

Federico Chiesa

is still trying to find his feet in the squad.

“Cuadrado is a champion, he’s played at the highest level for 10 years, so he’s accustomed to this type of game. Until a few weeks ago, Chiesa had never played in Europe, while wearing the Juventus jersey is different to other clubs.

“When you introduce young players, you have to wait for them to develop, but also continue to trust why you bought them in the first place.”



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source: SportMob