Lewandowski mentions Messi as one of the best in history

Sat 05 December 2020 | 19:21

Lewandowski mentions Messi as one of the greatest football players in history and he claims we will not see anyone like him for 100 years.

Robert Lewandowski


Bayern Munich

striker, said that phenomena like the


star happen very rarely.

Lewandowski has scored 55 goals across all competitions and bringing Bayern Munich to the domestic and European treble last term.

He has scored one goal in the game against Barcelona that led to Bayern 8-2 in August. This loss led to


’s decision to leave Camp Nou.

But Messi did not live up to his dream and he was supposed to stay in Barcelona for the last year of his contract.

Lewandowski believes that Messi is such a unique talent that it will be another 100 years before another player of his comes to the fore.

"He is a great player, one of the greatest in the history of football," Lewandowski told 



"I know that the expectations around him are enormous and what he has already achieved as a footballer is something that perhaps no one will achieve.

"Maybe you have to wait 100 years for someone like him to be born again. With what he has already done, he is and will be one of the greatest in all of history."




source: SportMob