Eric Dier admits that he almost left the club

Sat 05 December 2020 | 17:32

Eric Dier has talked about his reaction to the positional change he experienced.

Jose Mourinho

has been using


as a center back and the England international revealed that he had considered leaving


before that change.

“That was definitely on my mind,”

Dier told the Daily Mail.

“I didn't feel like I was achieving what I wanted. When your contract starts to come to an end, you question if you're part of the future.

“I had no desire to be at a club in the last year of my contract. The club knew the summer would see a decision made either way.”

The struggle started after Mourinho substituted Dier after a poor performance in a champions league match as a midfielder.

“The manager was completely right to take me off. I wasn't performing. And we won the game. But having to take steps back from the commitment I had made to my new position at that time was very difficult for me.

“I had played [Mauricio] Pochettino's last two games at centre-back, so it was difficult to go back to playing in midfield again. I explained that to Mourinho. I said to him: ‘This is where I want to play. In defence’. But I knew it was a risk.”

And about returning to his favorite position he said:

“After Chelsea he came to me, He just said: ‘OK, if you want to play centre-back, now is your chance. Show me’.

“I thrived off that challenge. It was what I had wanted to hear. It was an opportunity. My main focus is always to be in a position competing to play. Feeling there's a plan in place for me is important, too. They were the major factors in me deciding to stay here and I couldn't be happier.”

source: SportMob