King says that Gerrard’s departure is inevitable

Sat 05 December 2020 | 16:54

Rangers’ former chairman Dave King has talked about Gerrard’s performance as Gers' boss.

Many pundits would suggest


as Liverpool’s next manager after Klopp but 


’ former chairman thinks that he is going to do his best for Rangers while he is there as he told STV.

“I think it’s (Gerrard’s leaving) inevitable,”

Dave King

told STV


“I guess that there will be suitors but I certainly get no sense from Steven that he has any intention of leaving Rangers anytime soon.

“I think he’s probably ahead of where we thought he’d be. He’s not the type of person – as I understand it – that is going to be flattered by money. I think Steven is trying to do the right thing for himself, for his career.

“I don’t think Steven, he’ll speak for himself, but in my experience of him, I don’t think he’d think the job would be done even winning one title this year.

“I think he’d want to cement that with one or two years more and maybe have a go at the Champions League.

“We extended his contract so my understanding is after this year he has another three years to go.

“I think if we were to win the league this year, or even if we didn’t, I still think another three years is a nice time frame for Steven to establish himself, to win titles, defend titles, and play Champions League.

“I think that’s important for him in the development of his career, plus I think he’s really loving being at Rangers.

“He’s loving the opportunity, he’s enjoying being in Scotland and the challenges he’s got. I really don’t see his attention being diverted at this point in time and I really think he’ll see the position at Rangers out.”


source: SportMob