Solskjaer sees Manchester United as a consistent team

Sat 05 December 2020 | 13:09

Solskjaer has talked about Manchester United and answered some critics.


Red Devils

stand in ninth position of the

Premier League

table and they will face

West Ham

in an important match and


has talked about their form in the recent months.

"I know the narrative is that we're really inconsistent and I'm not one to argue too much, but if you look back from when the lockdown started or even from the end of the January transfer window, I think we're one of the most consistent teams in the country,"

Solskjaer said to Sky Sports


"Of course, the Tottenham defeat was made into a big thing, but we were 10 men, having had no pre-season.

"For consistency, you need to look at more than just two or three games. You need to be looking at 10, 20, 30, 40.

"Liverpool and Manchester City have been exceptional over the last two years, but there are still two sides too many ahead of us, in my head anyway, because I want us to be the best.

"Saying that, we have made real strides. The lows are not so low anymore, but the highs can be really high. It shows we are on the right track.

"The spirit is good. The players sense that we can move up the table and challenge for things this year.

The team has the spirit but is that what they need to become the giants they were before? That’s the question the fans would ask.

source: SportMob