Giampaolo: ‘I was away from the team physically, but not emotionally’

Sat 05 December 2020 | 10:28

Torino coach Marco Giampaolo has spent his quarantine time ‘working hard’ to prepare for their Derby della Mole against Juventus.



Marco Giampaolo

said that he has spent his quarantine time preparing for their

Derby della Mole




This game is going to be his first game after three weeks when he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

“I was away from the team physically, but not emotionally,” Giampaolo said.

“I was asymptomatic for the first two days, then I had some symptoms, and I am still dealing with some residual after-effects. We have to make sacrifices and be extra careful because you can catch it when you least expect to.

“I spent the time working hard, as I watched many Toro games and those of our opponents, planned training sessions, set out strategies. I stayed in touch with the team via video meetings. The toughest part of it all was having to watch the games from home on my sofa, unable to intervene in any way. That was torture.”

Simone Verdi and Nicola Murru are both unavailable due to their muscular injuries, but Sasa Lukic is now back after he was tested positive for COVID-19.

Giampaolo was asked about the formation he is going to use in the game against Juventus.

“It’s not a matter of the system, as we used 3-5-2 partially against Sassuolo and Lazio too. Talking about the systems doesn’t mean very much in the wider scheme of things.

“We have the worst defensive record in Serie A, but if you look at other parameters, for example, the amount of time the opposition spends in our half or how many chances they create, we are average. What we are absolutely top in is the number of goals we concede per scoring opportunity allowed.

“That can affect the confidence of players because the performances are good and our defensive organization is not a disaster. Unfortunately, we just paid a heavy price for certain incidents.”

He was also asked about his preparation for Derby della Mole and how he is going to beat the odds against Juventus.

“With heart, organization, character, all elements I always ask of my players. We have to play the game and not let the game play us.

“I also have to say, playing the derby without fans is surreal, like doing it on the PlayStation. The atmosphere even in the week leading up to it isn’t the same.”

source: SportMob