‘Nobody Cried for us!’-Fixture complaints had Jose Mourinho fired up

Sat 05 December 2020 | 9:56

Jose Mourinho’s side encountered a stretch of eight games in 18 days when the season started and he was eager to bring others' attention to it on Friday.



Jose Mourinho

fired jab at

Pep Guardiola


Jurgen Klopp

for making complaints about the fixture when his side suffered a harder one at the beginning of the season.

Losing many players to injury, Liverpool boss Klopp has asked for more space between each match.

Klopp’s most recent tirade was on the weekend: “

Playing 12:30 after Wednesday is really dangerous for the Premier League players


During the interview ahead of the Sunday competition against Arsenal, Mourinho revealed that nobody had his back when he complained about his fixture.

By the way, we played four matches in one week and nobody was crying or supporting us about it. And now my colleagues, when do they play these matches?

” Mourinho said. 


Premier League

clubs have had one game postponed due to European competitions like Man Utd and Man City.

What is very difficult to accept is that four clubs have one match less than the others and I don’t even know when they’re going to play these matches,

” Mourinho said.

I don’t even know when Burnley, Manchester City, Aston Villa, Manchester United and probably Newcastle and Aston Villa twice [are going to play]


It’s difficult to accept that because it can affect the competition. But I was trying to know. I was trying for an answer this week and no one can give me that answer


When asked about the derby with Arsenal he said: “

It means more when we are not in the position we are now. Because now we are in such a good position it is a little bit different. Because we want the points we are not just like: ‘We want to beat Arsenal because to beat Arsenal is the only good thing we can give to our fans.’

“It happened last season when we played Arsenal in the last part of the season. It was about winning against Arsenal to give something good, to have a good feeling.

“But we never forget the fact there are historical rivalries and what it means for the fans. Even for people that were not born at Tottenham, and many of us are in this situation. When you arrive at the club you understand the culture, you learn the culture and you share the values with the fans.”

source: SportMob