‘Could only stop Lukaku in a boxing ring’-Mihajlovic

Fri 04 December 2020 | 13:53

At the Inter Milan and Bologna pre-match press conference, Mihajlovic spoke about Lukaku and his team's situation.

Inter Milan and Bologna will face each other on Saturday at the San Siro stadium. Inter Milan is in second place in the table and needs three points in this game. Undoubtedly the best player of Inter Milan this season has been

Romelu Lukaku

. He has scored 11 goals in 12 games and is the biggest danger for Mihajlovic's defenders.

Sinisa Mihajlovic has said he wouldn't be able to stop Romelu Lukaku as a footballer: 'Maybe in a boxing ring.'


As a footballer, I wouldn't be able to stop him, he is stronger, quicker, bigger than me,"

Mihajlovic said at a press conference.

"Maybe I could stop him inside a boxing ring but in a football pitch where you can't give illegal blows, I would not know how to do."

Bologna have won their last three games against Inter Milan.

"As they, say there's never two without three. Let's see tomorrow if it is true or if it is an exception that proves the rule. We need to score one goal more than them."

It seems that Mihajlovic will not change his tactics.

"I tried a new asset [in training] to understand who speaks with journalists. I want to find him, and when I'll find him I'll hang him on the wall.

"I am not going to change my system, I only did it to see what happened and, as always, it became public. If there is someone who speaks with you to have better ratings you'll see what I will do to him.

"We are playing as we used to do before. Maybe we are a little bit luckier. We used to allow one goal each time we conceded a shot on our target. Other teams concede more than us, but they never allow goals."

source: SportMob