World Cup winning coach of Argentina still unaware of Maradona's death

Fri 04 December 2020 | 12:00

Carlos Bilardo still has no clue of Diego Maradona's death at 60 years old a week ago.


led Maradona and 


in Mexico's 1986 World Cup which they crowned as champions, he also coached


in Sevilla through the 1992/93 season. 

Bilardo's sibling, Jorge, uncovered as of late that disclosing to him the dismal news could influence his wellbeing, which is steady after he left the hospital a month back after keeping the neurological illness Hakim-Adams syndrome in check. 

Bilardo is, notwithstanding, said to watch a great deal of TV, and will eventually discover the truth. 

They've cut the cable saying that there are issues with the TV reception, so instead Bilardo gets himself entertained with


shows most of the time.

However, his family knows that he will find out eventually, Jorge has revealed to Cielo Sports that they plan to break the news to him cautiously.

“[Maradona’s death] is something that will be four, five or twenty days in the media and that complicates things because Bilardo watches television and many games,” he said in comments provided by Marca.

“I spoke with [Oscar] Ruggeri and he is going to meet him with two or three other boys [from the 1986 Argentine team] to see how he is. We’re going to see how he reacts and what happens.

“Diego meant a lot in his life. There was a connection with Coco Villafane, Claudia’s [his wife] father. We built the house for him and furnished it. My wife went with Claudia to buy clothes for the girls, and in fact Claudia went two or three times to see Carlos recently.”

source: SportMob