"Juventus have been in love with Zaniolo"-Roma’s former director

Fri 04 December 2020 | 11:17

Roma’s former director of sport discuss Roma's signings during his tenure and confirmed Nicolò Zaniolo is wanted by Juventus.

Roma’s former director of sport claimed Juventus are in love with

Nicolò Zaniolo

And he gets very emotional when he watches

A.S. Roma


“I can’t not get emotional when I watch Roma,”

Petrachi continued


“Sometimes they play with 8-9 players that I brought in, together with Fonseca. I suffer but I need to look ahead because it’s being said that I can’t return to the club. I don’t want to talk about Roma anymore, it’s not fair and it becomes tiring. It was something important for me.

Petrachi also spoke about the recruited players during his tenure and claimed that Juventus were keen to sign Zaniolo.

“[Roger] Ibanez and [Gonzalo] Villar are very interesting young players. Roma can rely on them for the next ten years. We signed all the players that we wanted.

“As for Zaniolo, Juventus have always been in love with him. He is a pure talent. He’s always behaved well when I was at the club. He is becoming more mature. He looks older than his age, he also overcame important personal difficulties.”



source: SportMob