Rooney is hopeful about his future in Derby County

Thu 03 December 2020 | 19:16

Rooney has talked about his job as Derby County manager.

Wayne Rooney

who is

Derby County’s

interim boss says that he is still hopeful about his position.

The former Manchester United star joined the club as player coach and became the interim head coach after


was sacked.

Here is what Rooney said about the matter:

"I'm no further on to knowing from where I was on Tuesday night,

"I think the first thing is getting the ownership over the line. I've stated on Tuesday and on Saturday, of course, I want to do this job full time but we are where we are. We have to wait for all the paperwork to be sorted and then we see what happens from there.”

He has talked about the job previously saying:


"Hopefully the quicker the new ownership is done the better because I think a decision does need to be made.

"I've been asked to take the team until a decision is made and that's what I'm doing so the quicker the decision is made - not just for the players but for all the staff at the football club - the more stability we can get and more plans put in place for the future."

Some sources say that

John Terry

is also linked with the club as an option for the job.

source: SportMob