Bielsa praises Lampard and the work he’s done at Chelsea

Thu 03 December 2020 | 18:20

Leeds boss looks forward to their clash with the Blues as he talks about his former rivalry with Lampard.

Following their 1-0 win against



Leeds United


Marcelo Bielsa

feels confident about their upcoming clash with one of the Champions League favorites,


. Bielsa, who had a dispute with the Blues manager two seasons ago, admits that his and

Frank Lampard

’s feud is long gone and when asked about Lampard’s impression of him and his fining for the incident he replied:

 “It was already resolved by the authorities how these actions need to be punished. They were analyzed by people who needed to analyse them.”

Bielsa also talked about whether he learned anything from the saga and English football adding:

“I didn’t learn anything that I didn’t know prior to that. I know the spirit of English football and the punishment I received according to what the authorities deemed.”

“This indicates to me that it shouldn’t be repeated and this is an aspect that can be deemed as something that I learned.”

Leeds head-coach later commented on Lampard’s work at Chelsea saying:

“Frank Lampard, during last season he developed a lot of players that were already in the institution. This season he improved the composition of his team choosing players for the positions he deemed he needed.”

“This is shown by the way the team is playing well and the strength of their squad. There are many different types of components in his team.”

“There are young players who have developed, and there were signings with experience. Signings with a big future. But if you read what is written about Chelsea you will see and hear all of these things that I have mentioned.”

source: SportMob