Alan Smith says others should help Aubameyang

Thu 03 December 2020 | 16:34

Arsenal’s former star has talked about Aubameyang’s performance for Arsenal.


who has a contract with


until 2023 has been criticized for his recent performance and

Alan Smith

says that they should be helping him in such times.

Here is what Smith told Sky Sports about Aubameyang:

“He's only human. He comes across as a really happy guy, whose confidence would be difficult to knock. He has great confidence in his ability. But you can see he has been affected by his overall game. He's been lacklustre.

“In an effort to try and change things, they've put him through the middle. I don't think he's necessarily always suited to playing through the middle; when the team is functioning properly, and he's coming in from the left, he can find space easier from that position. But I can see why they'd try through the middle, because they're trying everything at the moment.

“Some people point to him signing his new bumper contract and his form falling off the edge of a cliff, but I'd be reluctant to say that has been an influence. He does strike me as someone who lives for goals, but I'd be surprised if he's eased off because he's signed his new contract.

“His form is a symptom of Arsenal's lack of form going forward. Mikel Arteta had to change the way they played, he had to make them more robust, harder to play against, more solid at the back.

“Wherever Arsenal are on the pitch, they always make sure that should they lose the ball, they are not exposed. They've always got that in mind. Arteta works quite hard on that in training. And yes, it's taken away some of that joie de vivre, if you like, that Arsenal have always been associated with going forward.”

source: SportMob