Letizia: “Juventus are no longer scary”

Thu 03 December 2020 | 14:39

Benevento defender believes Juventus are not the same scary team they were a couple of years ago.

In their last match in

Serie A



were able achieve a draw against the defending champions,



Gaetano Letizia,

Benevento defender believes Juventus are not the team they were 3 , 4 years ago.

“I think this Juventus are no longer scary,”

Letizia said

“It’s not the same team they were three to four years ago.

“When you were facing the Bianconeri, you were pretty sure you would lose. Today, it’s not like that anymore.

“You have the feeling that you can play for it, even if they’re still a very strong team.”




were unable to win because they underestimated the opponent;

“I believe they didn’t play Ronaldo because they underestimated us.

“They thought they could beat us even without him. You must never underestimate your opponent in football, otherwise you face nasty surprises.

“In fact, for the Scudetto, I think it’s no longer a speech valid only for Juventus. Napoli and Inter can have their say too.”



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source: SportMob