Pioli returns to Milan after his recovery from Covid-19

Wed 02 December 2020 | 15:31

After missing three games due to coronavirus, the 55-year-old finally returned to his side ahead of their Europa League clash.



Stefano Pioli

, finally joins his team on the bench after testing negative for Covid-19. The Italian club, who will face


on Thursday, have missed their manager for three matches in a row before they were reunited with him for their

Europa League



, who is glad for his return, said:  

“I missed the daily work so much. It’s been 18 long days.”

“Last night, when they told me I was negative, I had a hard time getting to sleep, because I was looking forward to coming back.”

“I want to thank the club, because they have quickly improved all the technologies to be able to work remotely. Thanks to all the fans who have supported me and a huge thank you to the team because the players made me proud. Thanks also to those who replaced me.”

“I was lucky because I had some symptoms, but I took the COVID lightly.”

“This does not alter the fact that we must keep our guard high, with distance and wearing masks. We could lower them when there will be a cure.”

“I can say that smartworking does not work, because I worked much more from home than from the field, but seeing the players live is another thing,"

he added.

"Watching the games from home, I understood a little more those who stay in front of the TV and easily criticizes. Some mistakes are more difficult to accept when you watch them on TV. In the game I’m more positive and proactive, at home I found myself a little more nervous. The team did positive performances, with some normal difficulties.”

source: SportMob