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Joe Cole thinks Chelsea has no weaknesses

Wed 02 December 2020 | 10:43

Chelsea’s former star sees the Blues as title contenders.

Joe Cole

has talked about


recent performance and sees the team as a title contender in both domestic and continental competitions.

The club has backed its coach by signing high quality players such as

Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Ben Chilwell, Edouard Mendy


Thiago Silva

and they are seeing the improvements already as they are acknowledged as

Premier League

contenders by the fans and critics.

Here is what Joe Cole said about the Blues in his interview with BT Sport:

"I think Chelsea are genuine contenders,

"I think all the English sides, you can’t discount any of them from going all the way in the Champions League because of the quality and the strength of our league.

"I don’t feel there are any weaknesses in the Chelsea side at the moment. I feel there aren’t any glaring weaknesses, there are areas to improve on.

"But if you look at the last two months, certainly since Chilwell, Mendy, and Silva have got into the back four, the clean sheets have started to happen.

"We look safe and secure from set-pieces. So those things have improved dramatically from last season. I think there’s still areas where Chelsea can improve and they will improve.

"But certainly, I put them down as contenders to win the Champions League and the Premier League this year."


has been supported by all the team’s fans and former legends as he keeps making improvements in all aspects.

source: SportMob