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Celtic fans "soured" Ross County's big day, Stuart Kettlewell says

Tue 01 December 2020 | 20:58

Stuart Kettlewell observed from the car park as protests happened at Celtic Park – and he says those supporters have "soured" a big Ross County occasion.

Celtic were put out of the League Cup on Sunday, Kettlewell’s men winning 2-0.

It completed a process of over 30 continuous cup match winnings for Celtic and highlighted a historic day for


. But headlines have been dominated by home supporters protesting for manager Neil Lennon’s permanent departure.

Two police deputies were injured and some Covid-19 guidelines were broken in the process.

We did have to get a police escort out of Parkhead and on to the motorway,

” the County manager said. 

It is was absolutely despicable. The whole situation for me soured a brilliant day for our club. It was a great day for our club.


We understand what it means to Celtic and how despondent their fans would be and their players and officials would be.


It is football, we all know that that happens but you have to realise we are in the middle of a global pandemic here and some of the scenes I see sitting on the bus, watching police fighting and trying their damndest to stop guys breaking the perimeter barriers they set out was just despicable.


If we look at the bigger picture outside football, we have police wrestling with people who potentially could have the virus and they are putting themselves in the front line to try to contain a situation.


I am not a Celtic official, I am not a Celtic supporter, Ross County is obviously my concern but I can only speak through sitting in that car park waiting to get away from Parkhead and it’s not scenes any of us want to see in Scottish football.


source: SportMob