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Lijnders praises Liverpool’s summer signing Jota

Tue 01 December 2020 | 18:41

Jurgen klopp’s right hand couldn’t be happier with Jota’s performance

With so many injuries among




quality has been praised as he joined the club in the summer and showed that he can adapt so fast.

Klopp’s assistant manager has talked about him too as he praised the young star in his interview with the club’s official website.


urgen had an important role because the way he speaks with the players about our style and our identity is so clear and strong, he has the magic to make these things look simpler.



“Diogo comes from a good tactical culture that makes it easier, but we can never forget that it still takes time for the body to adapt. That’s why we are careful – he is adapting to a new style and new ideas. But first and foremost, if you come into a great team, things become easier most of the time.

“He has these natural abilities that were already very important to our game idea. This is what made us want him so much.

“When a new player comes, it’s always how the player adapts to the team, its mentality, and how the team understands the player. But you can see that he has fire in each vein when he plays, so the adaptation process has been very natural.”

And about their next


match he added:

“It’s always tight when both teams don’t accept the word ‘retreat’. That’s the one word that doesn’t exist in our dictionaries.

“For us it doesn’t matter who we play against, home or away – we will press them high and aggressively and we will attack and attack them again.

“Our style is to attack with and without the ball. We realize that the game is played with one ball – our ball – and we try to steal it back wherever we can on the pitch and use it to attack the opponent.

“It’s the same kind of approach as Ajax. That’s why it will be highly interesting. Who can take control over the game will automatically push the other team in its weakness.”

source: SportMob