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Kean doesn’t think Manchester is good for Henderson

Tue 01 December 2020 | 17:03

Manchester’s former star thinks bad things could happen if Henderson doesn’t get more games.


hasn’t played in many games for the

Red Devils

since he joined the club and


thinks there are bad scenarios ahead of him if nothing changes in the near future.

Dean Henderson has been benched in many games since

De Gea

has been Ole’s first choice in the beginning of the season.

Here is what Kean told Sky Sports about Manchester’s young goalkeeper:

“It’s a nightmare scenario for him. He wants to play for Man United, of course he does.

“Being in goal for Sheffield United and Man United every week is completely different, but he had to go back. Ole wanted to see him and work with him closely.

“You want to get better by playing the games, you can do all the training sessions you want, but if you’re not playing every week, the kid’s going to go backwards - and that’s going to cost him, ultimately.

“For example, if [Jordan] Pickford has a difficult spell - which he always seems to be, in my eyes - then it’s probably difficult for Gareth [Southgate] to go and pick a goalkeeper who’s not playing regularly.

“It’s a difficult situation for Henderson. Come January, do United really want to let him go out on loan?

“I don’t think so, because then they need cover for De Gea in case something happens to him.”

Despite his lack of playing time Henderson has been a part of Southgate’s plans for England national team.

source: SportMob