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Lampard admits dropping Hudson-Odoi for Spurs game was a headache

Tue 01 December 2020 | 15:01

Hudson-Odoi was among the Chelsea’s finest since he broke his way back to the first team, but despite starring in Chelsea’s win over Rennes and Newcastle, Lampard had a difficult telling him he won’t be starting Spurs game.


though, insists the 20 years old winger will be involved in



“It was difficult to tell him that he wasn't in the Spurs squad as his attitude has been bang on,”

Lampard said in his press conference on Tuesday. 

“He was bright against Rennes and Newcastle. He is getting better and is back in contention and I want him to keep that going. I want him to stay positive.

“I am aware of Callum and where he is at, he took it well but it wasn't and easy conversation. I am not worried about the noise around it, I just have to pick the right squad. I have to work with him positively.

“I can relate to it because we all have steps on the ladder. He got into the team and there was a lot of talk around him and he got a bad injury. 

“Now time and work have shown that he's back and then you have to appreciate he is developing. 

“I have to see the bigger picture and he is hopefully going to have hundreds of games ahead of him. We have a big squad, it has to be a strength and not a weakness.”

source: SportMob