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Chadwick: ‘A lot of teams will be regretting not signing Cavani’

Tue 01 December 2020 | 15:00

The former Manchester United midfielder acknowledged that at first, he was not certain about signing the Uruguayan international, but he was proven wrong when he saw the 33-year-old’s potentials.

Luke Chadwick

admits that ‘a lot of teams will regret’ not signing

Edinson Cavani

as his value and performance impressed him.

In the summer transfer window, the 

Manchester United



’s priority was to purchase a qualified goal-getter. The Red Devils were expected to choose a player who qualified for a key role.

Due to the lack of options, Cavani was purchased by the United. Although the 33-year-old is not suitable for a long-term position, he showed many qualifications in his performance and scored many goals.

His value came in handy with his brace which helped United vanquish Southampton and gain three points. Chadwick claims that the United manager’s decision on snaping Cavani up was so on point that many will wish he wouldn't have.

The ex-United midfielder said: “

I think obviously Cavani coming on made a huge difference in terms of the two goals and an assist [against Southampton].

“I think his movement was brilliant around the box. United started the game well and were by far the better team for the first 20-25 minutes but just lacked that cutting edge in front of goal, but Cavani completely turned the game on its head in the second half.

“I’m sure after seeing his performance on Sunday a lot of teams will be regretting not signing him, but when you get to a certain age it does count against you a little bit.

“He seems to fit into just what United need at this moment in time in terms of a real penalty box predator.

“I wasn’t 100 per cent convinced when they first signed him in terms of what he still has to offer, but he looks in incredible physical shape and his movement – you don’t lose that, that movement he’s had over the years that’s made him a world-class goalscorer.

“Although he set up the Bruno Fernandes goal with a lovely cross, you don’t see a huge amount of him outside the box, all he’s interested in is getting in that box, getting across the front post and that’s something United haven’t had for many a year now – a really natural goalscorer.”

The Red Devils will go into battle with PSG on Wednesday in the

Champions League


source: SportMob