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Matthaus picks Lewandowski to win The Best FIFA Men's Player for 2020

Tue 01 December 2020 | 13:48

Though other players were also nominated for the award, Matthaus chose Lewandowski as his most favorite to take the award this year.

According to Lothar Matthaus, though other players including

Cristiano Ronaldo


Lionel Messi





, and


were all named to be on this year’s The Best FIFA Men's Player 2020 nominees list,

Bayern Munich


Robert Lewandowski

is the most likely to win the award.



international, who won several titles with his club during last season, was able to finish the year with 55 goals scored across all competitions. The

Champions League

winner has a better goal scoring rate in last year’s competition than all of his other opponents alongside a better shot conversion rate.

Matthaus, who believes the Polish player is the favorite to win the award, wrote:

"As the name suggests, there can only be one who is the best. That is Robert Lewandowski."

"He's no longer just the best number nine in the world. Robert is the most complete and best player there is in world football.”

"With FC Bayern he has won the five big titles that can be won. Champions League, Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal, DFL-Supercup and UEFA Super Cup. In addition, he was also the top scorer in the first three competitions mentioned.”

"His rivals Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Mbappe are all fantastic players – just like Lewy. The difference is he has won every title there was to be won.”

"Messi had a season without a trophy, Ronaldo became Italian champion, is still great, but not as strong as a few years ago."

source: SportMob