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Capello: ‘Milan are title contenders and possible Scudetto candidates’

Tue 01 December 2020 | 13:48

Fabio Capello praised Stefano Pioli for his ploy and said Milan’ head coach ‘needed time and trust,’ and ‘They deserve to be up there.’


, former Milan coach, has won many trophies and led


to bring home four Scudetti as well as one Champions League. The 74-year-old is disappointed that


is not receiving as much gratitude and recognition as he deserves and he also referred to the Milan coach’s achievements at Fiorentina and Lazio.

He has huge merits that in my opinion aren’t fully recognised,

” Capello said.

In the past, with Lazio, with Fiorentina, Stefano had shown to be a coach with ideas and personality


He needed time and trust. Keeping him this summer was the right decision and he proves it now


Capello hailed the Rossoneri for their significant performance in

Serie A

so far and states that they are a ‘candidate for the Scudetto.’ However, he believes Inter and Juventus’ remarkable records are going to bring them back as ‘protagonists.’

Milan are a candidate for the Scudetto

,” he said. “

Everyone can dream big, think big. And Milan can do it now. The win against Napoli was an impressive show of strength


But the win against Fiorentina surprised me too. The ease and their determination. Milan imposed themselves as a great side, without suffering and controlling the game like the great teams do.

Without anxiety and above all, without [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic


Inter and Juve have a technical background and choices that will clearly bring them back to being protagonists, they have big and rich squads


Lazio are an enigma, Atalanta depend on how the Champions League continues and Napoli are structured


But Milan, trust me, are up there because they deserve it and they can stay there until the end


source: SportMob