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Juan Mata expects so much from Cavani

Tue 01 December 2020 | 13:18

Juan Mata says he is happy that they have such an important player on board.



has not been playing so much since his arrival but he has been praised for the time he got. He didn’t need a lot of time to start scoring for his team and has shown his quality so early that everyone is happy that they have him in



Here is what


had to say about him in his interview with L’Equipe:

“Ander, who played with him at PSG, called me and told me: 'I think Edinson is going to go to your club, you will see he’s a top guy, a top professional. And I know you will help him',

“So since Edinson has arrived, I try to answer the questions he has about the club or the dressing room. I can help to translate when he wants to communicate with people in the club, in the staff.

“And since he’s here, as Ander said, I can see how focused he is, his professionalism. Edinson has done a lot of things in football and he remains very humble. And it’s great to have him. He brings his experience, he will bring a lot of goals.

“Did I advise him to buy umbrellas? Yes, as a joke. I told him that it rains much more in Manchester than in Paris. So actually it’s not bad advice.

“We (Mata and Herrera) speak a lot, but our relationship is above that. We've had a great connection for a long time, since we were playing together in the Spanish Under-21s.

“He's a great guy, we had a nice time together in Manchester. After the game at Parc des Princes, we had a nice chat together in the tunnel.”

source: SportMob