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Finland's legendary Jari Litmanen praises Mane, Salah and Firmino

Tue 01 December 2020 | 12:52

Ex-Liverpool star is a major enthusiast of Jurgen Klopp's formidable trio and has likewise saluted the previous Dortmund coach for his excellent performance at Anfield

Jari Litmanen says

Roberto Firmino


Mohamed Salah

, and

Sadio Mane

"love to play together", Litmanen believes each of these three players brings various features and styles to the table. 

Salah and Mane have become productive resources for Jurgen Klopp, while the benevolent endeavors of Brazil worldwide Firmino permit others to flourish around him.


owes much of their attacking success to these front three. 

With Diogo Jota coming back to the squad things are changing positively at Anfield, with Liverpool currently confronting a welcome choice migraine, however, Litmanen feels that they should rotate players to find the best formation. 

The amazing previous Finland international, who went through a year and a half at Anfield between January 2001 and the late spring of 2002, told the Liverpool's website:

“Salah, Mane and Firmino, it’s really nice to look at them playing.

“They all can pass the ball, they all can hold the ball, they all have enough speed to run forward. It looks like they love to play together with each other.

“They are a little bit different in terms of the kind of players they are. Firmino is really important for Mane and Salah by holding the ball, giving the pass and even creating some spaces for those wing players because those wing players are really quick with and without the ball.

“So, it’s really difficult to defend against those three guys because they are doing slightly different things, but they seem to love to play together.”

While Salah and Co keep on intriguing on the field, Litmanen recognizes that the arrangement of


in October 2015 is liable for Liverpool currently being Champions League and

Premier League

title victories.

“When I heard that Klopp was going to Liverpool I was quite confident he would do a good job, just based on what I saw and what I followed at Dortmund.

“He has given some energy to the team and the players. He likes them to be active all the time and that happened at Dortmund and that has happened at Liverpool.

“I like that kind of football, where the whole team, all the players, want to be active and try to have control of a game. There is something happening all the time and that’s what I love.”



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