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Guardiola denies Conceicao’s accusations of influencing the officials

Tue 01 December 2020 | 12:41

Pep Guardiola hit back at his critic Sergio Conceicao’s accusations of pressuring the referee.

The Spaniard

Pep Guardiola

commented on the accusations made by the


manager about affecting the officials.


believes Manchester City’s manager put pressure on the referees in the

Champions League

match in October which was a loss for Porto and Guardiola refuted the accusations.


I'm not in agreement. He can say, maybe it's his opinion, but I'm not agreeing that we pressure the referees,

" Guardiola said in his interview.


It's not the way that we in the history speak for ourselves. We are not the type of team to do this, honestly. I would admit it. So, one thing is an action that you don't agree [with], you can make any comment, one specific action. But it's not a part of who we are, honestly.

"In the five years we are here together and the people in Germany and Spain know completely that it speaks for itself, our behaviour.

"I'm not agreeing. It's not true


Manchester City have reserved a place for themselves in Round 16 Group C with twelve points and Porto hold the second title, three points behind. Notwithstanding defeating their rivals Porto in the last three matches, City are anticipating a lit match with the Dragons.


It will be tough, we know it. It’s the Champions League away. Top teams in Portugal have to win every weekend

," Guardiola said.


When you have that mentality in all departments in the club, not just the players, it makes them so dangerous. That’s why we expect a difficult a game



We did when they came here and it was. Tomorrow will be too


In the

Premier League

campaign, City are not off to a great start as they are 11th on the table, as Tottenham sit on top with six points ahead.

source: SportMob