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Smith believes VAR did Aston Villa ‘wrong’

Tue 01 December 2020 | 10:49

The English club coach was disappointed with VAR claiming that they should been allowed a penalty.

After their 2-1 defeat to

West Ham


Aston Villa


Dean Smith

admitted that they should have been allowed a penalty, but instead VAR was too busy with the offside against

Ollie Watkins

rather than granting them that privilege. Though Watkins was pushed into the offside area and was a victim of a foul, claimed Smith, the VAR didn’t take a notice of the shove he received and ruled an offside against the player.

“It’s not frustrating, it’s just wrong, that’s the easiest way to describe it,”

said Smith.

“Offside is offside, so I’ve no problem with that, but they’ve given offside for part of the body that can’t put the ball in the net, and that’s because he is being fouled.”

“If it’s not a goal it’s a penalty. They’ve got that wrong, they spent so long looking at the offside they don’t see the foul. It was more of a penalty than the first penalty.”

“It’s frustrating, I’m disappointed with the result but I thought we were great, we’ve come to West Ham and outplayed them. We had enough chances to win this game comfortably.”

Smith also talked about a member of West Ham’s staff, who apparently fired

Jack Grealish

with criticism, saying:

“He had a go at me in the first half. We don’t have a go at the opposition players, but heir lad was calling my player a diver and a cheat. I spoke to David Moyes and Alan Irvine and they said they’ll deal with it.”

West Ham manager,


, responded:

“Everyone can hear a lot more these days because there’s no crowd in the stadium – it happens quite a bit. But the game was littered with free-kicks.”

Moyes later added about their win which placed them on the fifth spot of the table stating:

“I’m thrilled to take three points, it wasn’t our best performance but at least we were resilient.”

“On the disallowed goal I was more disappointed that we hadn’t defended the cross. I don’t like a lot of the offside laws at the moment and we’re having to get used to it.”

“I’m thrilled at the position we are in. If we win without playing well I’ll take that.”

source: SportMob