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Gary Neville praises the Red Devils’ Uruguayan star

Tue 01 December 2020 | 10:49

Former Manchester United star praised Edinson Cavani for his performance in the team.

Former Red Devils defender

Gary Neville

has praised

Edinson Cavani

, saying

Manchester United

Uruguayan striker is one of the best when he is near the box.

Edinson Cavani was the star of his team during the Man Utd-


match in the tenth week of the

Premier League

. He was able to score two goals and one assist.


Gary Neville

, in an interview with

Sky Sports

, praised Cavani’s performance;

“He had a big impact,”

Neville said

“The interesting thing about his goal, Cavani is one of the best at it, he has been for years.

“He did it against England in making that run in and around the near post. He does it all the time. He is always there, making that movement across defenders.

“As it comes to Fernandes, Manchester United have four players in this area, but the one that is on the move is the goalscorer, the one with the instinct.

“I talked about the near-post run and his first touch in English football is from a corner. He goes across the near post - which he will do every single time, you know it is coming.

"Against Southampton when the ball went out wide to the left, you are thinking Cavani is going to go in. You can’t believe Southampton, with three players around him, have not gone body-to-body to manage the run.

“As he runs in, he is one of the best in the business at it. Cavani has been doing it for years.”

source: SportMob