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‘More controversy around the offside rule than VAR’ - Neville

Tue 01 December 2020 | 10:29

The most recent of the everlasting debate around VAR was on Monday as Aston Villa’s equalizer against West Ham was ruled out as offside.

Gary Neville

, the former defender, refers to the current rules in determining offside and handball in the

Premier League

as ‘nonsense’ and he is positive that VAR has made the game less appealing to fans.

A new chapter of the debate around VAR was added when

Aston Villa

’s equalizer was rejected leaving the Lions defeated by the Hammers.

Jack Grealish

’s cross was side-footed by


resulting in the ball meeting the back of the net. However, the goal was ruled out as Watkins’ arm was declared as offside.

According to Neville, the rules on offside and handball are creating more controversies than the VAR itself leading the fans to be tired.


Lines on screens are not the problem. What's happened is that the referee's credibility has been threatened and now they're even doubting themselves,

” Neville said.

The referee going over to the screen is not a problem. The referee going over to the screen and not sticking with the decision if it's right is the problem. It's the application of the technology that's the big problem, or the rule itself


The handball rule is a nonsense. The offside rule about the arm is a nonsense. Those two rules need changing. At that point, VAR would become more acceptable


The problem


at the moment is that they (referees) look like they've been briefed, they look like they've been programmed like robots. They need to relax and chill out and go


over to the screen and say 'I'm comfortable with my decision.' They're not. They're briefed like mad. They're programmed to the nth degree. They're frightened to death.

“Their authority has been taken away and the biggest problem is that the fans hate this thing. They've got to change it."

West Ham United

’s victory has put them 5th on the Premier League table, and Aston Villa are sitting in 10th.

source: SportMob